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Frequently   Asked   Questions...

Can you ship outside the UK? ... Yes, we ship our products around the world, with the exception of central/south America.
Please note that, as we use shipping brokers, charges vary from week to week.
If you are outside Europe, due to charges being applied by volume, it is often the case that shipping will cost at least as much as the item itself. Import duties etc are also often applied.





Are mounting points reinforced? ... Generally no.

Due to the variety of fixing points on individual machines, this is not possible on most items, although we do reinforce some "production" models.
That said, if you bring us your bodywork after you've drilled your mountings, we will reinforce them while you wait, at a very reasonable rate.




Do you do woven finish? ... On many models we will do so, at approximately 40% extra.


Do you do trade discount or VAT free? ... We only offer trade discount to the few businesses we choose to partner with.
This business is the public face of an indiviual  sole trader. It is not VAT registered, so cannot offer reductions.




Can you make parts in carbon fibre? ... We prefer not to, although some projects may be interesting enough that we will.
Most of our moulds are not suitable for prepreg / oven curing, so this limits the use of 'proper' carbon.





Will an RC30 fairing fit my RC24 / VFR750? ... Yup.

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