Ragged Edge Racing
Ragged Edge Racing

Fitting and drilling and storage.

When cold, GRP is more prone to cracking.
We advise that bodywork [especially fairings] be at between 25c and 35c [77-95f] when initially fitted, especially if any parts need to be pulled or squeezed to meet mountings.
In winter, this can be done by placing the bodywork in the delivery box, and laying it on its side, with a fan heater blowing in.
In summer, bodywork can be left in the sun for an hour to 'soften'.. should there be any sun where you are. Place the bodywork so that the sunlight reaches as much of the inner surface as possible.

Avoid using a 'heat gun'.
If used too close, or directed at one point, this may cause blistering, or creasing.


Seats should be supported under the seat pan as much as possible, even though we do reinforce that area.

For drilling, we advise using a 'brad bit' [pictured], or a well used metal bit.
Use the highest RPM drill you can, and DON'T PUSH TOO HARD.




When fitting your screen;

Pre-drill the fairing. Then, clamp the screen at the back edges, and lift the front of the screen into place.
Drill and bolt the centre hole first. Then work backwards, fitting bolts as you go.




Care should be taken in storing bodywork.
Fairings should be stored bolted together, and hung from the area immediately in front of your handlebars, and preferably on a solid pole, beam etc.
Seat storage is not as critical as fairings, but they should be stored standing upright on their rear section.
Especially in warm conditions, improper storage will lead to the bodywork warping over time. If this happens.. see the top of this page.


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