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Due to staff shortage, I will not be taking any orders in February, so that I can catch up on the workload.

Thank you for your patience.





We will be introducing a new 2-tier quality and price system;  "Premium"  &  "Economy"
Prices should be posted for all items over the next couple of months.
All products will still be using black resin on the interior.



Economy - Lightweight bodywork for the club racer.
Affordable, durable and practical.
Outer - White gelcoat.
Fairing inner - 450g CSM.
Seat inner - 600g CSM + 450g csm on seat base.


CSM   [ Chopped Strand Matting ]



Premium quality - A sturdier product, with an attractive inner surface.

For those who want bodywork that reflects the quality of their build.
Guaranteed to only use the finest quality, Lloyds approved materials.
Outer - 2 coats of white gelcoat.
Fairings inner - 450g CSM + 165g twill weave fabric.
Seats inner - 600g CSM + 300CSM on seat base + 165g twill weave fabric.


Twill weave fabric

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